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December 02, 2009


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Great great read.

"If "he" knows he can drag you through the mud and still have your love then why should he bother carrying you over the mud for the same love." --- valid.

P.S. i am secretly in love with leonidas... sigh


I am Too!!! He....girl im lost for words. And im honored you validated a line i can up wit on my own....


i meant to add more.

you pretty much said it all. a lot of women do settle because of self-esteem, because of fear of being lonely, because they're experiencing happiness that they might have never had before... etc. then you find your women who do believe that n.a.s. so when they find a dude with bullshit they can tolerate they deal ... b/c generally, n.a.s. it's almost like why give up a decent man with a few flaws and risk not finding anything better that what you already have, considering most n.a.s...

i don't know if i made any sense but clearly there's a common theme here.



I get what your sayin, but thats exactly why you have to believe if you love yourslef youll find a man who admires your love for your self and wants to contribute and recieve that same love from you. If you have pride that glows a man who respects your pride and sees it all over you will be drawn to respect it as you do and love you withthe same pride you have for yourself. Basically if a man sees how much you love and respect yourself he will have to love and respect you at that same level and some....it will be what draws him to u....and eliminate the NAS


i agree. where do we go to find those guys? lol.

the amount of things i have been through in the past + shit my friends have been through and are going through have totally killed my hopes... i've found out the craziest shit about men i would NEVER think would do such things...

all that has lead me to believe that all men come with bullshit, there are just different degrees of it and it's all up to what you will put up with or feel you deserve.



i dig....i would just think in a relationship u would want ur partner to be a reflection of u....and u dont have to look for him, he'll be drawn to you. My aunt once told me,which now makes soooooo much sense "marry the one who loves you not the one you love" your friends were prob going afta the ones they loved....not the one that loved them back...marinate on that...the one that loves you will make sure ur never unhappy if he can....cant say the same for the other way around

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