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Letter from the editor...

Welcome to An e-community of strong beautiful women of all races colors and creeds who will provide a myriad of information from Fashion / Beauty / Relationship Advice to Entertainment News and Current Events.

All my life, I’ve felt like I was either at war or in competition with every female I came in contact with. It all started about 15 years ago. Being 2 years younger than everyone in school, I always had to stick up for myself. By 8th grade, I thought the issues were over until picture day. The day everyone gets to see how their graduation pics came out. Thank God mine were ok... until the end of the day. I couldn't find my pics. Then one of my classmates pointed them out on the floor. They had all been ripped through my face. I was so hurt and mad. And it hasn't gotten any better since then.

I’ve always had the dream to start my own magazine that would promote the unity of women. To help us bring each other together instead of tearing each other down. It is a great gift to be female. To say you are a woman should be done so with pride. We are a multi-faceted species. We cook, clean, bare and raise kids and still have time to fight fires, save lives and run million dollar companies. We are capable to do what any man can do and MORE! We are all fly in our own right. But we act like we don't know it. We see a woman enter a room in a fur, "She's so extra" , driving a nice car, "Probably her man's" , w/ a nice designer handbag "Probably fake". Very few females compliment each other. This is sad. Who else is going to have our backs? Men? Lol. They barely understand us. But we already understand the female psyche. We should feel her pain when her boyfriend breaks up with her or when she's having trouble losing those dreadful 10pounds. Ehug will shine light on how similar we all are no matter your race, upbringing, status, income level. And ultimately promote our unity.

Now, I'm not an expert or anything. So I'm inviting my friends and you to share advice and experiences. I hope you can join this incredible group of women.

Til Next Time! :-)

- Empress