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December 18, 2009


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Moma T

As he mother referred to at the end of this articel i'd say there are definitely days when all parents, especially moms, love but do not like their children. Think about it, your bundle of joy has grown into an adventurous two year old, disassembling your shoes, you so neatly organized, take all the pots/pans out the cabinets, empty the cat litter into the toilet, hiding your favorite ------ (fill in the blank). Now its 6am you have 90 minutes to shower, dress yourself and whomever else, 90 minutes to inspire everyone young to old to greateness for their day and still get to your desk with a reasonably sane mind and all the above listed scenarios are going on not to mention the inevitable tantern over chosen outfits, bookbags, the missing bus pass and or keys need i say more. Dont think so therefore although mine are grown, half my grands are grown -- i still say I LOVE YOU ALWAYS AND FOREVER BUT I DO NOT LIKE YOU!!!!
Moma V


LOL @ U Ma! I told yall she is not well!

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